Hello fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts!

Welcome to Sundance Air Services.  My name is Bill Thompson and I operate an aircraft repair and maintenance facility in the Bay Area at Oakland Airport.  I hope to have engaging conversations with you.  I created this blog to have an open forum related to all things aviation. This is my first post and would like to welcome all of you.  Feel free to send me comments or topics you would like to cover.

About Bill

Bill is the President and CEO of Sundance Air Services. He has been in aviation for 32 years starting his career with the U.S. Airforce as Crew Chief on the F-111 fighter bomber. He also worked as U.S. Airforce Flight Engineer in a C-141B Starlifter. After leaving the Air Force, he hired with United Airlines working on 747, 777, as sheet metal structure mechanic, line maintenance and terminal line maintenance. He became a Private Pilot in 2008. Bill is also an accomplished aviation artist.
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2 Responses to Hello fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts!

  1. Rubelet says:

    That is awesome! I’ve been looking for a blog that discussed aviation because I am thinking of becoming a private pilot and I am going to need to learn the abc’s of maintaining my plane. I hope to read many more posts from you. Thanks!

  2. Tim Cisneros says:

    I’ve known Bill for 8 years and I can say that there is no one more interested in doing high quality work and taking care of his customers than Bill. His expertise is second to none having worked for United Airlines for 25 years. I highly recommend Sundance for all your maintenance needs.

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